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S&T Scholar's Handbook This handbook gives all the information that the scholar may need to know about the scholarship program: its policies, privileges and obligations. This is helpful for S&Tscholars striving for excellence in their choosen field of specialization not for sale
Primer on S&T Scholarship Aptitude Test Battery
This primer will aid the students in giving their best and optimum performance in the highly competitive Undergraduate Science and Technology Scholarship Examination.
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Abstracts of winning Projects The Outstanding Youth Science Researcher (
This book is dedicated to the winners of the Search for the Outstanding Youth Science esearchers (TOYS), Outstanding Junior Scientists (OJS),and the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). Their Project Abstract are compiled in this book toRecognize their extraordinary talent
And love for S&T research. Secondly,By disseminating their abstracts, it isHoped that what they have begun will be picked up by other budding researchers and polished through more intensive,
advanced investigations. Thirdly, it is aimed that through this publication,greater interest in honest-to-goodness scientific and technological researcherswill spur among the young Filipinos.
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Science and Technology Education Plan (STEP)
STEP is the blueprintfor the vision, mission and overall program trusth of the Science education sector for years 1993- 1998. As a guidebook for policymakers,legislators and administrators of S&T education institutions, it contains inputs from a series of planned intervations for the improvement of the country's science and technology education.
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STEP Accomplisment Report
This Accomplisment Report on the Science and Technology Education Plan, now reffered to as STEP I, documents the sector's programs and accomplishments within the period 1994-1999. This report is a takeoff point in planning programs and projects for subsequent five years (2001-2005) and an accompanying publication for the next Science and Technology Education Plan (STEP 2). It is meant to highlight the joint Efforts of participating agencies, coordinated by the Department Science and Technoogy-Science Education Institutes, in raising he quality of Science and Technology Education in the Philippines.
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The 2nd Science and Technology Education Plan (STEP 2)
Supportive of the visions, thrusts, targets and priorities of the Medium Term Philippines Development Plan for 1999-2004, as well as DOST's MediumTerm Development Plan and Science and Technology Master Plan, STEP 2 will be implemented during the period 2001-2005. It will be anchored on seven strategics thrusts-Upgrading Teacher Capabilities, Enhancing the Learning Environment, Reengineering the Assestment Procedure, Establishing a Quality Assurance System, Advocacy Agenda,Researcher Agenda, and Legislative Agenda.
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Science Education in the Philippines: Challenge for development -Vol. 1

These two publications are offfshots of the National Science Education Congress conducted in November 28,1998. Volume 1 is a compilation of technical paper that articulate on issues and concerns in science education and propose solution attendant to specific issues. Volume II, on the other hand, is a compilation of the proceedings and major policy recommendations made during the Congress.

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Performance of the Special Science Classes in the 110 S&T Oriented high Schools Along Science, Mathematics and English
This is a statistical report on the achievement scores of students in Science, mathematics and English enrolled in the 110 S&T oriented High School from SY 1993-1994 to 1997-1998
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Action Research in
Science Education-
Series 1 (http://stednet.
To help upgrade science and mathematics education, the Science Education Institute has launched the project "R&D support for the Improvement of Science Education in the Country", this program has motivated a number of faculty members of the 110 S&T oriented High Schools Along the
Following areas: Teaching-learning process, one (1) with curriculum materials development and development of assessment tools.Thirsty six(36) action researches have been complete. In this series, six (6) researches deal with the teaching-learning process, one (1) with the curriculum ins-
truction material development, one (1) with the development of assessment tools and one (1) with the teaching aptituted of student teaching performance.
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Action Research in
Science Education-
Series- 2 (http://stednet.
This is the second series of the publication of the action researches that have been completed in connection with the Science Education Institute project "R&D support for the for the Improvement of Science Education in the Country:. This series 2 contributes to the solutions of common classroom problems like the lack of instructional materials, failure and frustration of low achievers in understanding certain scientific concepts and involvement of fast learners as peer leaders in the
classroom activities.
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Action Research in
Science Education-
Series 3 (http://sted.

This is the third of a series of publications on action researches featuring six (6) action
Researches conducted in SY 1997-1998under the Grant-in-Aid project of the institute. Five of these deal with the different teaching Strategies as they relate to the improvement of students' performance in mathematics and physics. On study develop and validated a comic book as instructional material for teaching selected science concepts to slow learners.
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Student's Ideas About Properties
of Matter
This is a monograph which highlights the attempt to determine the students conceptions about a particular science concept which is the particulate nature of matter.
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S&T Manpower Supply and requIrements of the
Philippines EcoNomy:2002-2005
The study aims forecast national science And technology manpower requirements and the corresponding occupational and educational needs from 2001 to 2005 using the quantitative (manpower planning approach) approach; and identify gaps in the national science and technology manpower requirements and supply.
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Projecting S&T Human Resource Requirements in
The study aims to formulate projections of national and regional S&T human resource occupational requirements of the private sector from 2000 to 2010.
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A Compendium
of S&T manpo-
wer needs in the
This compendium details the S&T human resource demand of fifteen Philippines regions (outside of the National Capital Region). An economics reviews of each region or growth. Area is given as well as the human resources Needed for each S&T - related sector and the Relevants education or training.
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Report Vol. 1-
Science (www.

This volumes describes the results from the data gathered on a random sample of more than 6000 Grade 7 (first year high school) Filipino students, their science teachers and School principals on the following aspects: Student mathematics achievement and the attitudes towards mathematics, teaching and instruction, curriculum and school context of school resources for mathematics, school and class attendance, and safe school environment.

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TIMSS-R Philippine Report Vol. 2 - Mathematics (www.sei.dost. gov. ph )
This volume describes the from data gather on the random sample of more than 6000 Grade 7 (first year high school) Filipino students, there mathematics teachers and school principals on the following aspects: student mathematics achievement attitude towards mathematics, teaching and instruction, curriculum and school context on school resources for mathematics, school and class attendance, and safe school environment.
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A Survey of Secondary School: General Information/School
Profile, Profile of Science and Mathematics Teachers and Technology Capabilities (
This survey determined the profile and IT Capabilities of secondary schools and profile of science and mathematics teachers in the country.
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A Survey on Science and Mathematics Supervisor (
This survey determined the profile of science and mathematics supervisor
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Survey on Teacher Education Institution Offering Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSE) Programs
( ph)
This survey contains baseline information on TELs as to the capabilities of their faculty, admission requirement student's personal/demograhic characteristics, school facilities and priority needs for support and upgrading.
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Gender Data in Science and Technology

This is a pocket statistical reference on the country's scientific and technological Human resources. It has two parts.

Part I provides graphical representationof sex dissagregated data on the student population in the elementary, secondary, tertiary and graduate levels science scholars and youth science teachers, science supervisor, national R&D personel and scientists.

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Increasing Female Participation in Science and Technology
This publication contains technical papers presented during the Workshops on Increasing Female Participation in Science and Technology and the science and technology career module presented by the participants.
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National Requirments for Teacher Training in Science and

This is a monograph on the determined of human resource requirements for the basic education sector. This material serves as a Guide in the conducts teacher training programs. It is useful in identifying the science and mathematics teachers to be trained at the in-service and pre-service
levels, the kind of training programs to be developed, and the kind of skills that the clientele group needs.
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TIMSS-Based Teaching Strategies in Science and Mathematics
This book aims to provide the teachers with a variety of teaching-learning process more process more effective in improving student achievement in science and mathematics.
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TIMSS-Like Test Items in Science and Mathematics
This book is a compilation of the test items patterned after the released Third International Mathematics and Science Study-Repeat (TIMSS-R) items. The test items can serve models for teacher in developing higher-order thicking skills along side the development of science and mathematics concepts. Science and Mathematics Teachers may also use the test items for the
student assessment.
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Research II M

This manual is a modest gesture of SEI to address the needs of teachers and students in S&T-Oriented High Schools particularly for the Research II subjects, which include the following: (1) a research manual; (2) linkage with research institutions which can provide expert advice and services necessary for certain laboratory investigations; (3) information on where to purchase basic laboratory materials and certain chemicals in small amounts; and of course, (4) some
financial assistance. The publication of this manual envisioned to help a bigger number of teachers and students in conducting laboratory investigations and in participating in the Intel Philippines Science Fairs.

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Learning Resources Material in Mathematics and sciences for Secondary school(CD-ROM)
This is a PowerPoint Presentation of Learning Resource Materials in Mathematics and Science for Secondary Schools in CD-ROM format.
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STEP 2 Power Point Presentation (CD- ROM)
This is PowerPoint Presentation of the 2nd Science and Technology Education Plan (STEP 2) in CD-ROM formats.
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TIMSS-R PowerPoint Presentation (CD-ROM)
This is an international on the study assessment of Filipino students' achievement in science and mathematics. This is a multimedia version of the TIMSS-R Volume 1 and 2 Publication.

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Survey on Science and Mathematics Education (CD-ROM)
Contains 3 surveys (survey in Secondary Schools, on Science and Mathematics Supervisors, and Survey on Teacher Education Institute Offering BSE Programs) that provide valuable Information reflective of the prevailing condition in our schools in the area of science and technology. Results
are useful in determining gaps in science education, crafting policies and formulating intervation programs for the advancementof Philippines science education.
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